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Protocol and Maintenance Recipes

Food is more than fuel for our bodies. When done right, food nourishes our souls, especially when it is prepared with love, and shared with the ones we love. Anyone can post a recipe here, via comments. Please remember to … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Trish

This is Trish’s Thread. She started Protocol on Monday, September 26. Trish’s Intro: Hi, everyone! I’m forty-five-years-old and 5’8” tall. I’ve had a weight problem since I was ten. I use to ride long distances and average 150 miles/week, but … Continue reading

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Maintenance: Staying Slim For Life

Is your metabolism is working properly? There’s an accurate way to find out. Download any recent Life Insurance Weight Chart. Find your gender and height. There will be a normal range: low, medium and high. Choose the highest weight. . … Continue reading

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