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Supplements, Books & Goodies

So many readers have written to ask what supplements I recommend to Protocol Participants (and where to find them), I’ve decided to add them here in one thread, along with occasional coupons and other useful links that are scattered in … Continue reading

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There and Back Again

I’m baaack. Though many of you might not have noticed I was gone. 🙂 But my journey was necessary and it was, like so many sojourns we think we undertake for one reason, important in several unexpected ways. You say … Continue reading

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Metabolic Syndrome XX

METABOLIC SYNDROME XX CONTRIBUTOR TO INSULIN RESISTANCE and DIABETES, TYPE 2 Starting Protocol may be a good way to begin to reverse insulin resistance and regain muscle cell insulin sensitivity, but in the most stubborn cases, especially with the insulin … Continue reading

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Back – And Bionic

Long Time, No Talk Many of you will have noticed that aside from adding comments to Participant threads, I haven’t “been here” for some time. At least I hope you noticed. 🙂 Several months ago I had to set a … Continue reading

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Need a Doctor? Now you’ve got one: Call The Doc

The ability to call a doctor when we need one is often not a reality for many of us. Either because we can’t afford it (even with health insurance if the deductible is high enough), or because we’ve experienced how … Continue reading

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Metformin Manufacturer Information

Given that most people take a generic form of Glucophage because of costs, combined with Paige’s bad experience with one type, I decided to add to her excellent research (thank you, Paige, with my apology for not having credited you … Continue reading

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News You Can Use – January, 2012

Some days the news from the medical world makes you want to bang your head against the wall, yet you’ll never see that information appear on the ten o’clock news. Some days there’s startlingly good news, so good that you’ll … Continue reading

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