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Metabolic Syndrome XX

METABOLIC SYNDROME XX CONTRIBUTOR TO INSULIN RESISTANCE and DIABETES, TYPE 2 Starting Protocol may be a good way to begin to reverse insulin resistance and regain muscle cell insulin sensitivity, but in the most stubborn cases, especially with the insulin … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Tracy

Tracy will join us on Monday, September 3, but you can read about her now. Tracy’s Introduction: Hello! I am forty-one, 5′ 7″, and weigh 216 pounds. This is not my heaviest (that was 265 pounds), but it is a … Continue reading

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Need a Doctor? Now you’ve got one: Call The Doc

The ability to call a doctor when we need one is often not a reality for many of us. Either because we can’t afford it (even with health insurance if the deductible is high enough), or because we’ve experienced how … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Christine

Christine will join us on Monday, April 9, but you can read all about her now. Christine’s Introduction: Hi everyone – I’m excited to start Protocol on Monday. I’m forty, 5′ 4″, and weigh about 172 pounds. I’ve been dieting … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Cheryl

Cheryl will join us on Monday, April 2 – but you can read all about her now. Cheryl’s Introduction: Hi! My name is Cheryl and I am 51, 5′ 7″ and weigh 236 pounds. I am excited, nervous, hopeful, relieved and … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Jazmine

Jazmine will join us on Monday, March 19. You can learn more about her by reading… Jazmine’s Introduction: Hello, everyone! My name is Jazmine. I’m 41, a scant five-feet tall, and weigh 209 pounds. I was chubby as a child, … Continue reading

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Metformin Manufacturer Information

Given that most people take a generic form of Glucophage because of costs, combined with Paige’s bad experience with one type, I decided to add to her excellent research (thank you, Paige, with my apology for not having credited you … Continue reading

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News You Can Use – January, 2012

Some days the news from the medical world makes you want to bang your head against the wall, yet you’ll never see that information appear on the ten o’clock news. Some days there’s startlingly good news, so good that you’ll … Continue reading

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Ask SugarFree

Which new study about diets do you believe? What are good foods to eat? How does the latest diabetic medication compare with what’s already out there, and what potential pitfalls are there to using it? How can I find out … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Marina

Another Participant joins us on Monday, January 16, 2012. While you wait to meet her, here’s her journey: Marina’s Introduction: Hello World! I’m 53, 5’6”, and once again the scale has gone over 200 pounds. Growing up I was always … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Jan

You can read all about Jan’s journey here. Jan’s Introduction: Hello, everyone. I’m sixty-three, 5′ 6″ and thanks to SugarFree and her Protocol, I weigh 139 pounds as of today. That’s because after reading SugarFree’s blog, I emailed and then … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Paige

March 19, 2012. Paige’s Thread is closed. This will be my last post. My schedule is so inconsistent now, I cannot post reports until very late and don’t even have the time to commit to Protocol as it requires. But … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Natasha

This is Natasha’s Thread, and Here Is Her Intro: Hello, my name is Natasha. I’m 5′ 8″ and thirty-six-years old. My weight-loss journey started when I joined Weight Watchers at sixteen. Since then I’ve tried every way of eating and … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Ariel

This is Ariel’s Thread and here is her Introduction: Hello all!  I’m Ariel: 5’ 1” and thirty-eight years old. I’ve never been slim and have always struggled to lose even one pound.  As I’ve gotten older I have had to … Continue reading

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SugarFree Protocol – Kym

This is Kym’s Thread, September 2011 Kym’s Introduction: Hi! My name is Kym and I’m a recovering diet-aholic. I am forty-years-old and have been on every diet imaginable: the Mayo clinic diet, the steak diet, Weight Watchers, Nutri-System, Atkins, Master … Continue reading

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