SugarFree Protocol – Heather

Heather will join us on Monday, May 6 – but please welcome her now.

Heather’s Introduction:

Welcome to my journey of learning! I am 35, 5′ 10″, and weigh 181 pounds. I am blessed with three children and will celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary with my husband (my best friend) on May 17. I have recently learned that I am not a cook, but an assembler. And the meals I assemble are mostly processed foods. This is what I feed myself and my family. However, thanks to SugarFree, this horror story is going to have a “happily ever after” ending!

While in my twenties my weight stayed in the 160 pound range, but before I turned thirty I went through a highly stressful time. And I gained weight. Last year I weighed just over two hundred pounds. That scared me so I went with a coworker to a clinic that advertised a way to “lose weight” very quickly – with HCG. After a couple of rounds, during which I followed Simeon’s 500 calories a day, I was down to 165 pounds. But I am gaining the weight back, and already up ten pounds, and according to my waist measurement, it’s almost all fat.

I learned from my blood test results that my lipid panel is great but my T4, T3 and Reverse T3 show me to be hypothyroid, with Thyroid Hormone Resistance. And I have Metabolic Syndrome XX. Even before knowing the results the blood work, I’ve been cold ALL the time. I even run a little space heater by my desk year round. I think about food all day. I graze all day. I am afraid to eat carbohydrates.

While personal reasons brought me to SugarFree, my goal is to give the gift of health to me and to my family. Let the learning begin!

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 1 – 5/6

Weight: 181.4

Bust: 40″
Waist: 33.25″
Hips: 44.75″

– 8 oz broccoli
– 10 oz asparagus
– 1 oz butter
– 10 oz salmon, raw
– 1.5 T. duck fat
– 1 oz potato

Fitday stats:
Calories: 869
Fat: 59.3 grams (62%)
Protein: 68.2 grams (31%)
Carbs: 15.5 grams (7%)

Ketostix: negative

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 109
1-hour PP (after meal): 86
2-hour PP (after meal): 94

Despite being completely anonymous here, it’s difficult for me to reveal all of my personal numbers to everyone. I feel embarrassed that someone may be judging me. However, I know that it will help me stick to Protocol, reveal progress as time goes by, and could motivate someone to begin their own path to health.

I couldn’t believe how high my fasting blood glucose numbers were this morning. I wonder if it is because I may have eaten late in the day yesterday.

[Note: Heather, it takes courage to make real changes in our lives, and when we do so publicly we only gather admiration, not judgement. 😀 As for your high fasting blood sugars – no, they are not affected by how late we may have eaten the day before. They are only affected by WHAT you ate, and in what amount.]

My meal was very filling. I roasted my vegetables the way SugarFree instructed and was pleased with the reduction in their volume I would have been exhausted from chewing had I not roasted them! Hope my evening goes well; it’s the most difficult time of the day for me.

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 2 – 5/7

Weight: 180.6 = down .6 pound

– 8 oz spinach
– 5 oz green beans
– 1.5 T. butter
– 10 oz Chicken Liver, raw
– 1.5 T. duck fat
– 2 Large Eggs

Fitday stats:
Calories: 839
Fat: 60.2 grams (65%)
Protein: 63.3 grams (30%)
Carbs: 10.9 grams (5%)

Ketostix: trace to small

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 91
1-hour PP (after meal): 87
2-hour PP (after meal): 88

I had sporadic feelings of hunger last night, but nothing uncomfortable. This morning I felt great. Normally I am hungry not long after waking up, but not today. My meal was very filling. It smelled delicious and I loved the crisp green beans! I was not hungry when it was time to eat, but went ahead and ate anyway.

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 3 – 5/8

Weight: 178.8 = down 1.8 pounds

– 8 oz kale
– 6 oz Collard Greens
– 1 Large Egg
– 5 Large Egg Whites
– 8 oz Ribeye
– 1 oz White Potato

Fitday stats:
Calories: 851.9
Fat: 56.7 grams (60%)
Protein: 68.6 grams (32%)
Carbs: 16.8 grams (8%)

Ketostix: Moderate

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 82
1-hour PP (after meal): 85
2-hour PP (after meal): 89

The urge to snack did not happen yesterday! I hope this is a trend, because it makes me feel weak if I give in to it. I did feel hungry last night, but it didn’t bother me. I was just aware of it, like it was just a background noise. I slept great and actually got up when my alarm went off this morning, instead of hitting snooze several times. My lunch was HUGE! I love steak and eggs, but had to force myself to eat it all. I really miss chewing gum.

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 4 – 5/9

Weight: 176.4 = down 2.4 pounds

– 8 oz broccoli
– 9 oz asparagus
– 1 T. butter
– 12 oz Chicken Leg Quarters
– 1 oz Sweet potato, raw
-.5 T. Duck fat

Fitday stats:
Calories: 869.5
Fat: 59.5 grams (62%)
Protein: 67.9 grams (31%)
Carbs: 15.6 grams (7%)

Ketostix: Small

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 84
1-hour PP (after meal): 96
2-hour PP (after meal): 95

I woke up an hour before my alarm went off this morning! Amazing, because I am not a morning person, and I liked how I felt this morning. I was able to enjoy talking with my husband before he left for work, instead of me being my cranky “don’t talk to me for at least an hour after I wake up” self. Great lunch today! Although I’m not sure my body was ready for the sweet potato.

[Note: You body handled the sweet potato with aplomb. 😀 And if you like how you’re starting to feel on Protocol, just wait until you’ve been in Maintenance for a few weeks! You’ll be shoving that alarm clock in a drawer and serving your hubby breakfast in bed. ;)]

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 5 – 5/10

Weight: 175.6 = down .8 pound

– 8 oz Kale
– 5 oz Green Beans
– 0.75 T. butter
– 11 oz Pork loin chop, bone-in
– 1 oz White potato, raw
– 0.75 T. Duck fat

Fitday stats:
Calories: 869
Fat: 61.6 grams (64%)
Protein: 63 grams (29%)
Carbs: 15.6 grams (7%)

Ketostix: Moderate to Large

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 77
1-hour PP (after meal): 74
2-hour PP (after meal): 81

Had a good day yesterday, and today is going great so far! I’m not sure what to think about my BG readings. They seem low.

[Note: Actually, they are perfectly normal and excellent, to boot. This is what ‘normal’ (tight blood sugar control)looks like. :)]

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 6 – 5/11

Weight: 174.2 = down 1.4 pounds

I did not eat today.

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 7 – 5/12

Weight: 173.4 = down .8 pound

– 8 oz Spinach
– 5 oz Jalapeno Peppers
– 3 oz Cream Cheese
– 9 oz Chicken Liver
– 2.5 oz Pepperoni
– 2 Egg Whites

Fitday stats:
Calories: 874
Fat: 60.5 grams (62%)
Protein: 68.7 grams (32%)
Carbs: 13.6 grams (6%)

Ketostix: Large

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 58
1-hour PP (after meal): 62
2-hour PP (after meal): 83

I did not feel well, probably because I didn’t have anything to eat yesterday. My meal was delicious but difficult to eat it all.

Protocol Round 1, Week 2, Day 1 – 5/13

Weight: 171.6 = down 1.8 pounds

Bust: 39.5″ = down .5″
Waist: 32″ = down 1.25″
Hips: 43.5″ = down 1.25″

– 8 oz Spinach
– 11 oz Zucchini
– 1 Tbsp Butter
– 1 Tbsp Duck Fat
– 6 oz Crab
– 2 Eggs
– .75 oz Swiss Cheese
– 1.5 oz Heavy Cream

Fitday stats:
Calories: 859
Fat: 60 grams (63%)
Protein: 68.1 grams (32%)
Carbs: 11.7 grams (5%)

Ketostix: Large

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 67
1-hour PP (after meal): 74
2-hour PP (after meal): 85

I feel much better today! And lunch was delicious. Stats are great — ten pounds and three inches of fat gone in a single week — I’m very pleased with them.

Protocol Round 1, Week 2, Day 2 – 5/14

Weight: 172 = up .4 pound

– 8 oz Kale
– 7 oz Mustard Greens
– 0.5 Tbsp Butter
– 1 Tbsp Duck Fat
– 1 oz White Potato
– 11 oz Beef Sirloin

Fitday stats:
Calories: 870
Fat: 59.2 grams (61%)
Protein: 69.2 grams (32%)
Carbs: 15.2 grams (7%)

Ketostix: Large

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 76
1-hour PP (after meal): 71
2-hour PP (after meal): 88

I gained a teeny bit of weight this morning, but it doesn’t bother me because I’m fitting into clothes that usually fit when I weigh at least five pounds less than I do now! So, it’s obvious that the scale doesn’t tell the truth, or even anything useful, like whether pounds lost or gained are water or fat. My meals are good, but for some reason food no longer interests me. I should be happy about that, but I still feel like food is a big part of my life.

[Note: And it will be again once you’re on Maintenance and can cook some outstandingly delicious meals. :)]

Protocol Round 1, Week 2, Day 3 – 5/15

Weight: 171.6 = down .4 pound

– 8 oz Broccoli
– 5 oz Green Beans
– 2 Tbsp Butter
– 1 Tbsp Duck Fat
– 0.5 oz Heavy Cream
– 1 oz Jalapeno
– 9 oz Beef Liver, raw

Fitday stats:
Calories: 930
Fat: 61.8 grams (60%)
Protein: 67.7 grams (29%)
Carbs: 25.8 grams (11%)

Ketostix: Large

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 73
1-hour PP (after meal): 87
2-hour PP (after meal): 80

It’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts to change. I feel good and have no sugar cravings. I also seem to be happier and less irritated by things. It seems I’m back on the path to my younger self!

Protocol Round 1, Week 2, Day 4 – 5/16

Weight: 170.8 = down .8 pound

– 8 oz Spinach
– 5 oz Green Beans
– 2 oz Sweet Potato
– 1.25 Tbsp Butter
– .5 Tbsp Duck Fat
– 17.5 oz Chicken Thigh

Fitday stats:
Calories: 913
Fat: 61.3 grams (61%)
Protein: 68.9 grams (30%)
Carbs: 21.5 grams (9%)

Ketostix: Large

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 73
1-hour PP (after meal): 87
2-hour PP (after meal): 88

I’m getting tired of people telling me how I should eat. I have family in town for my son’s graduation, and I feel like I am under a magnifying glass. They question everything I do when it comes to what I’m eating, how much, how often. I try to explain to them that this is not a diet, and that I’m just working on improving my health. Aside from that, I am happy I get to spend time with my family! I had a lot of carbs today, looks like my body handled them okay according to the blood glucose numbers.

[Note: Heather, congratulations on your son’s graduation – a wonderful moment! As for your family, they’re probably curious to see someone eating a non-standard (junk and processed food) diet – and just wait until you’re on Maintenance. 🙂 Your blood sugars are good, but rather than your having ‘a lot of carbs’ – you had a teeny tiny amount of carbs, and will be eating much, much more in the coming months. I eat about 70-100g or so a day.]

Protocol Round 1, Week 2, Day 5 – 5/17

Weight: 172 = up 1.2 pounds

– 8 oz Broccoli
– 11 oz zucchini
– 2 oz brown rice
– 1.5 tbsp butter
– 1.5 tbsp duck fat
– 14 oz flounder

Fitday stats:
Calories: 902
Fat: 59.2 grams (59%)
Protein: 69.6 grams (31%)
Carbs: 22.7 grams (10%)

Ketostix: large

Blood Glucose:
Fasting: 81
1-hour PP (after meal): 109
2-hour PP (after meal): 110

I felt very hungry last night and this morning. Today is my wedding anniversary and our oldest son graduates tonight. We’re having a party tomorrow to celebrate. Should be exciting!

[Note: Wow – exciting is right. Happy Anniversary! On a less happy note though – your body did not like the rice, so no starch or sweet veggies for the next few days. It’s okay though, in a few more weeks you can try the rice again, and with a better chance of success.]

Heather will be traveling until Tuesday, May 28.

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